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Download - winnavigator-mw.12.mcz

This taskbar morph is the right thing for lovers of full screen windows, but even for people who insist on small fonts and windows it should be useful. Squeak simply lacks a convenient method of selecting a window as of this writing. WinNavigator gives you control-tab toggling and cycling through the activation history and has some ergonomic facilities for moving, assembling, closing, collapsing and copying of groups of windows. It hides like its parent ProjectNavigationMorph when losing the focus. Tested with Squeak 3.2-3.8.


Squeak's bubble help exposes the whole label of the window. The three buttons at the right activate standard menus. Standard windows like browsers are described like 'B:'. They are two colored not only reflecting the label color of the window but of the inspected class, too. Yes, classes are colored for WinNavigator :)


If a window button is selected twice a hierarchical menu tries to group open development tools according to Smalltalk's package, class and method category hierarchy. The colored menu entries work better with the old style menu selection of darkening the selected item's background instead of reversing it completely like seen here.


The taskbar can mutate back and forth to the well known project navigator.


A vertical taskbar floating to the top or bottom. Allows you to see more from the abbreviated labels but produces an enormous optical flicker effect when popping up due to its bigger size. Not ergonomic, configure it for your boss' desktop.

Vertical Bar