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Bright Star

Honey Moon

In some distant future the overambitious species of homo sapiens plans to colonize Titan, a moon of Saturn. In their phantasies the new world looks like a shiny place directly taken from the dreams of a young girl from the sixties dreaming her honey moon. But the rough reality would make the dream deliverer shudder, its surface temperature is a rather frosty -100C, and the time it takes to travel to Titan would make of the young lady from the sixties a mature woman of the eighties.


Alternatively our young lady could have dreamt her honey moon on Io, a volcanic moon orbiting Jupiter. Strong gravitational forces are kneading it like a pizza dough and so does it look like. Inside hot and at the outside icy cool, was it that what teens of the sixties dreamt of?


No, of course they had something more interstellar in mind. The Dumbbell Nebula looking like a cushy space pad let forget them about temperature and gravitation.