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A new generation of network searching tools

A new generation of network searching utilities. Free trial - Windows Shareware $39.95. As computers become more and more advanced, file searching utilities do too. Ten years ago, computers stored a few hundred files, now they store, on average, upwards of fifty thousand. Connect several hundred of these computers and you can understand why network file searching is a difficult issue. Professionals agree that most of today's network searching utilities are not state-of-the-art. Luckily, there is now a product called Network Searcher, a powerful new generation searching utility for local area networks.

Network Searcher 3.7.0   17-Jan-07   English   1.1 MB

The program uses an improved multithreaded search engine that provides almost instant LAN search results. It searches hundreds or even thousands of network computers almost instantly. And, unlike competing search utilities, the program searches through hidden shares and resources. In addition, with Network Searcher, you can limit your search to subnetworks, by setting the IP range, or applying a number of filters (from file types or extensions to the date of creation). The program does not hog system resources and supports all common file operations (moving, copying, deleting, renaming, etc.) In addition to building reports in text, HTML or XML formats, the program can also report the results as a WinAmp playlist. And, as a bonus, there's an option to view the list of recently installed programs...a lifesaver for any system administrator. If you are not satisfied with your current network file searching utility, give Network Searcher a try. It's 100% free to download and try.

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  • Shareware Download from BGSoft
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  • WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expiration: 100 found titles
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  • Changes since the last release: Search algorithm was greatly improved so Network Searcher became considerably faster.
  • Requirements: A standard Windows PC