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MailFinder Email Adressen fiinden u. speicher

MailFinder ist ein schneller Roboter der nach Email Adressen, JPG od. GIF sucht - Windows Shareware 49 EUR. MailFinder is a fast robot which scans the InterNet for email addresses, JPG or GIF files. Over as industry-specific a results as possible to obtain the search can be arranged very effective by the installation course by search machine results.

MailFinder pro 6.3.0   28-Mar-06   German   1.3 MB

in order to achieve as high an effectiveness, thereby as possible in addition, the achievement of the computer to consider and/or the computer resources the available the number that can process parallel processes to be at will varied. For the work as background process the number can be reduced, is available all resources can with up to 99 parallel processes be worked. Also the collection of password-protected Websites or the work over a Proxyserver does not represent for EMail-Spider a problem.

Addresses Look Marketing Spider Massmailer News Type Character. Enamels Downloads Multimedia Utilities Ist Ein Schneller Roboter JPG Od GIF Sucht Speicher.   MailFinder pro
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
  • Expiration: Nur 10 gefundene Datenstze lassen sich speichern
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