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World's favourite cross-platform ebook reader

TomeRaider 3: Carry dictionaries, encyclopedias, movie guides, novels and more - Pocket pc Shareware $38. TomeRaider 3 is the world's favourite cross-platform document viewer - with thousands of freely available reference works, e-books and other texts available from , From small e-texts to huge encyclopedias, movie and wine guides - only TomeRaider3 has the power and the features to bring this content to your handheld.

Tomeraider 3 Pocket PC 3.62   24-Nov-07   English   2.6 MB

There are versions for Pocket PC, Palm OS, and EPOC handhelds and Windows. The latest release is version 3, which includes support for images category support, searching and compression. HTML is supported in the Pocket PC and to a lesser degree in the latest Palm version, where HTML tables and Unicode are not working yet. The format compresses text files to 45%-60% of the original size . Log on to for other platforms.

Dictionaries Book Encyclopedias Reference Wikipedia Etext. Bible Carry Movie Guides Novels World Favourite Cross Platform Reader.   Tomeraider 3 Pocket PC
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