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Capture the most circles as you can

Capture the most circles as you can, using strategic moves - Windows Shareware $10. Pyrism, the ultimate puzzle strategy game. The goal of Pyrism is to capture the most circles that you can. Use different strategies to get the most circles. Each player takes a turn. No turn may be passed. Pocket Pyrism has 3 AI settings.

Pocket Pyrism 1.03   30-Jul-04   English   1.1 MB

AI settings are used to tell the computer how to play that turn. All circles that are adjacent to you and the same color that you have turned to, now belong to you. The game is won when the number of circles that is possessed by one player is greater than 50% of the total hexes. Unregistered users may use the original maps included with the game. Registered users will have the ability to use all maps that are programmed into Pyrism for Pocket PC.

Puzzle Strategy Game. Capture Circles Using Moves.   Pocket Pyrism
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