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Combinatoric board mind game on your mobile

A combinatoric board mind game where you toss identical color blocks into pairs - Windows Shareware $12. Pocket BlockOut is a program for WindowsCE/PocketPC designed for enjoining of playing mind games on your pocket computer. Pocket BlockOut is a combinatoric board mind game where you toss identical color blocks into pairs. Such pairs will disappear, so your goal is to exterminate all blocks from the field. Current version is 1.20 In this version we add number of new glamorous skins allowing you to get visual satisfaction and also enable playing under bright light or even under sunlight.

Pocket BlockOut 1.20   14-Mar-03   English   401 KB

You can use new "Chess" skin to move color pawns and figures or new "Diamonds" skin which uses the original colors and figures. Also we add HUNDRED of new stages. Now game has much more stages, so when you solve one the game guide you at next stage. Each stage represented by own blocks quantity and arrangement. You need to pass through all stages to become a winner. This game supports monochrome and colored skins, you can tune game options as you want, and you can see your name in the Top10 of best players. Nice sound, nice skins ! Technical Requirements This program is intended for use on color or monochrome PDAs running under Windows CE/Pocket PC. The game supports: all major types of processors (ARM/MIPS/SH4/SH3) all version of Windows CE (2.00, 2.01, 2.1x, 3.xx) and all types of devices (Pocket PC, PalmSize PC, HandHeld PC) both types of displays (color and monochrome)

Pc Ce Logic Game Be300. Aero Intermec Mobilepro Combinatoric Board Toss Identical Color Pairs.   Pocket BlockOut
  • Shareware Download from Taras Terekhov
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  • Win CE
  • Expires after 14 program starts
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  • Requirements: Pocket PC, HandHeld PC, PalmSize PC, or Casio BE-300.