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Bolts&Nuts is a new look to Bejewelled game

It's a new look to Bejewelled game. Turn your brain on and play against time - Windows Shareware $14.95. Bolts&Nuts is a new look to Bejewelled game with two modes: Normal and Timetrial. Tired by stupid puzzles? Bored by tetris? Now try to play against time to beat all levels! The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can by swapping two adjacent items (bolts, gears, or jevels). In order to get points you should create horizontal or vertical sets of 3 identical items. In Normal mode the game ends when there are no available moves, but you can play as long as you can.

Bolts&Nuts (Pocket Edition) 1.00   1-Jun-02   English   1.0 MB

In TimeTrial mode you should play against time. In this mode you should pass each level during fixed time. E.g. you should pass first level by 150 seconds, second for 135 seconds and so on... This mode is designed to those players who already have a great experience of playing Bolts&Nuts. To swap any two adjacent items you have to choose one item, then the second one and items will change their places. The first and second items must be neighbouring. To get a points you should create a valid set (line) of three or more identical items with each move. If the valid set was not created, items would return back to their initial position. When you have successfully created a line of three or more items, they will disappear and new items will appear. The more lines you destroy the more points you get! Technical Requirements: Pocket PC 2002, or Pocket PC 2000, or HandHeld PC, or PalmSize PC. Version for Casio BE-300 is available from our website.

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  • Shareware Download from Taras Terekhov
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  • Win CE
  • Expires after 14 program starts
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  • Requirements: Pocket PC, HandHeld PC, PalmSize PC, or Casio BE-300.