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A loop-making game with an Egyptian theme

Divert the waters of the Nile to make the desert bloom in this addictive puzzle - Windows Shareware $19.95. A loop-making puzzle game set in ancient Egypt. The evil god Seth has cursed the land to barrenness. Lay out irrigation ditches to divert the waters of the Nile and make the desert bloom. To help you in your task, the Queen has provided you with an array of magic. Use magical hieroglyphs to increase your score, but watch out for scorpions! Play in against the clock in timed mode, or face the challenge of strategy mode.

Rise of the Nile PC Version 1.8.9   8-Sep-04   English   7.8 MB

With five levels of play and 35 unique boards, this addictive game will keep you enthralled for hours! Irrigate an area multiple times for a higher score. Use the mighty Flaming Khopesh sword or the Rush of Sand to turn an area back to sand and start over, or use them to disable the scorpions sent by Seth to turn the desert into a rocky wilderness. Play in windowed or full-screen modes. Includes illustrated in-game tutorial. Available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Macintosh OSX, Linux and FreeBSD.

Egypt Loops Game Puzzle Casual. Divert Waters Desert Bloom Addictive Making Egyptian Theme.   Rise of the Nile PC Version
  • Shareware Download from Quinn Buchanan
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
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  • Requirements: 200 Mhz Pentium Processor, 32 Megabytes System RAM, 4 Megabyte video card suppor