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Mahjongg Solitaire with a Celtic Twist

Save the Goddess and restore the seasons in this addictive puzzle game - Mac Shareware $19.95. The Morrigan, an evil sorceress, has trapped the Goddess and locked away all the seasons, binding the world to darkness. In order to save the world, you must complete a journey through 12 phases of the moon, unlocking a month at the end of each phase. After unlocking the 12 phase, you must solve the 13th and final seal, releasing the Goddess and restoring everything to its natural rhythm.

Rhiannons Realm Celtic 1.3.2   2-Aug-04   English   7.3 MB

The game itself is based upon traditional Mahjongg Solitaire, with a Celtic-New Age twist. - There are 13 beautiful, full color backgrounds included in the game. As you unlock each phase of the moon, you liberate a background for use as your desktop wallpaper. - 3 gorgeous tile sets, full of the symbolism of the Goddess. - 65 challenging mahjongg boards to solve. - Two exciting modes of play. Journey mode where you quest to free the Goddess and unlock the seasons. Single play where you can play on any of the unlocked boards and backgrounds. - Many more features.

Puzzle Game Save. Goddess Restore Seasons Addictive Twist.   Rhiannons Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire Mac Version
  • Shareware Download from Quinn Buchanan
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  • Mac OS X
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  • Major update
  • Requirements: 500 Mhz G3 Processor, 32 Megabytes System RAM, 16 Megabyte video card supporting