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Productive thought provoking entertainment

Refresh yourself with a stimulating vocabulary game for brains of all ages - Windows Shareware $24.95. Potent intellectual entertainment for brains of all ages that stimulates thinking, improves memory and increases vocabulary. WordsWorth is a powerful Dictionary/Thesaurus in reverse. WordsWorth supplies a random definition from 123,288 select words sorted into multiple categories. The object of play is simply to come up with the answer word that fits the definition. How's your vocabulary? Thankfully you will have some hints to help move things along.

WordsWorth for Adults 1.0   24-Nov-07   English   41.6 MB

Many words have multiple definitions that are displayed in turn. You can also select to display the number of letters in the answer word and/or the first letter of the answer word. WordsWorth's more advanced features display thesaurus relationships between your word and the answer word and can even give you a word that rhymes with the answer word. New to Version 1.5 features a "level of difficulty" setting. And WordsWorth can also be used as a standard dictionary and thesaurus that has been updated to total over 210,000 possible lookup combinations. WordsWorth is now available in three different versions - "for the Young", for "Adults", and "Deluxe" (WordsWorth "Deluxe" is identical to "For Adults" with three extra categogies). Please see the FAQ page at for a detailed description of the differences between the "for Adults" and "for the Young" versions of our software. Thought provoking, enlightening, educational, and entertaining - WordsWorth is a game were everyone wins!

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