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Spin wheels and match 4 spheres

Spin wheels and match 4 spheres of one color in beautiful fantasy adventure - Windows Shareware $19.95. Rain Talisman is a puzzle game. Spin wheels and match 4 spheres of one color! Logical thinking and unstoppable fun combined in one game. The goal of the game is simple. Turning the wheels with 4 spheres of different colors on them find matches of the same color that would form squares, diagonals and rectangles.

Rain Talisman 1.02   1-Oct-07   English   9.2 MB

The principle of the game mechanic can be quickly learned but it takes hours to discover all strategic possibilities and to understand all the peculiarities. You will be rewarded with bonuses for complicated matches that are not so easy to find and the time spent searching for them will be completely compensated. In the end it is simply a pleasure to find a diagonal of 8 spheres or a rectangle of 6 spheres. Enjoy fantasy world, beautiful locations, relaxing music and solve Rain Talisman puzzle!

Puzzle Match Fantasy Game. Spin Wheels Spheres Color Beautiful Adventure.   Rain Talisman
  • Shareware Download from Pavlo Vysotskyi
  • Screenshot
  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, WinVista
  • Expiration: 60 minutes trial period
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: 400 MHz or faster processor; 64Mb RAM; 16 bit sound card; Direct X 7.0 or better.