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Arcade puzzle with aspects Sudoku & Tetris

Addictive game that combines aspects of Sudoku & Tetris to for a unique, exciting gaming experience - Windows Shareware $14.95. Announcing the release of the hot new game Sudoktress. Sudoktress takes aspects of Sudoku and Tetris and melts them together in perfect proportions. The result is a game that is fast paced, fun and totally cool. Youll amaze yourself as you start seeing patterns of numbers and colors at a glance as your brain is trained to analyze patterns is a split second.

Sudoktress 1.4   27-Jun-06   English   7.6 MB

As you race to form Sudoku Like Patterns from colorful numbered balls, they explode bringing you closer to level-up goals & high scores. Keep an eye on the clock or time might run out. This game is easy to play but hard to master. There is a classy feel to it with an attractive background and a catchy theme melody which adds to the tension. As this game pulls you in, it is an experience not to be missed. Sudoktress is brought to you exclusively from SethLand ( The Shareware version tantalizes you with a 1 level introduction to the game. The full blown version is $14.95 and well worth the modest price.

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  • Changes since the last release: Goal based play