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Jigsaw puzzle for Treo 700w

Jigsaw puzzle where you can create your own puzzles - Windows Shareware $19.95. Powerful jigsaw puzzle where you can create new jigsaws from your own images and photos. For 240x240 WM devices (Treo 700w, iPAQ 6510, iPAQ 6515 etc.). Game features: classic, curly, rectangular and fancy shapes; ability to pause (minimize) the game and restore it at a later time; customizable controls and screen orientation; adjust the background color for each jigsaw image; choose the number of pieces for any jigsaw; create your own jigsaws from bmp or jpeg images; play with or without random rotation of pieces.

Mobile Jigsaw (Treo 700w) 1.1   20-Dec-05   English   583 KB

Puzzle Vga. Logic Kid Create.   Mobile Jigsaw (Treo 700w)
  • Shareware Download from Mobile Stream
  • Screenshot
  • Pocket PC, Win Mobile 2003
  • Expires after 15 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: 240x240 Windows Mobile (e.g. Treo 700w)