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A unique and exciting Sudoku variant

Challenge your opponent to a unique and exciting variation of Sudoku - Windows Shareware $11.95. DKM Sudoku Sniper is an innovative and exciting variation of the Sudoku puzzle phenomenon. It pits you against another player where you both attempt to solve the same puzzle simultaneously. As you enter a number in a cell, it appears in your opponent's grid. Once the puzzle is solved, the winner is determined by the player who scores the most points.

Sudoku Sniper 1.0   21-Dec-05   English   126 KB

Points are lost for incorrect entries and there are also bonus points on offer. The same rules as Sudoku apply - each row, column and block must contain the digits "1" to "9". Choose to play against another person or challenge one of the six computer players designed to test all skill levels. There are also four grades of puzzles from billions to choose from. All you need is logic (and speed) - no guessing required. Find out now what so many online users at the DKM Software web site are excited about.

Suduko Soduko Puzzle. Challenge Opponent Unique Exciting Variation.   Sudoku Sniper
  • Shareware Download from Derek Miller
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  • Pocket PC, Win Mobile 2003
  • Expiration: Limited number of puzzles
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: .NET Compact Framework 1