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Crazy variation on minesweeper

Crazy variation on the original minesweeper - Windows Shareware $10. Are you a Minesweeper maniac? Then you have got to check out Mega Miner. The Mega Miner game area consists of three mine counters and the playing field. To uncover a square, use the left mouse button to click it. If it is a mine, you lose. If a number appears on the square, it specifies the summarised power of all mines in eight squares that surround the numbered square.

Mega Miner 1.54   11-Jun-01   English   255 KB

The power of the smallest mine is 1, medium - 2, the biggest - 3. To mark a square you suspect contains a 1-power mine, use the right mouse button to click it. Click once more to mark 2-power mine. And to mark 3-power mine just click three times. If you consider all mines are found around a numbered square, uncover the remaining squares around it by clicking the numbered square with the middle or left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. The object of the game is to find all the mines on the playing field as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them.

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