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Align five balls into lines of the same color

Explode lines by forming rows of five or more balls of the same color - Windows Shareware $14.95. Lines Deluxe is an extremely addictive variation on the classic Lines game.It is played on a 9x9-squared game board, which is filled with colored game balls. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by moving the balls on the game board.

Lines Deluxe 1.0   9-Mar-06   English   1.5 MB

Aligning five balls of the same color lines, will wipe them off the board and you will score points. Only one ball may be moved with every turn, and only then if there's a clear path to its destination. The tricky part is -- each time you move one ball, new balls will appear on the game board. You must create lines to stop the board filling up ! As space becomes scarce, there are fewer useful moves to choose from, so the game becomes increasingly difficult.This game may appear simple, but the subtle strategy required to reach the higher score is a challenge.

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  • Shareware Download from David Green
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
  • Expiration: 60 minutes game-playing time
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: New Release
  • Requirements: DirectX 7.0 or higher