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3-mode addictive arcade game for Pocket PC

Collapse game interpretation with multiple modes and 50 levels for Pocket PC - Windows Shareware $9.95. has released new game for Pocket PC device - Windows CE platform - Huzza Puzza. The game is colorful, addictive, logic and appropriate for any taste and age. The aim of the game is to pop all balls and get a high score. The rules are simple enough to learn after only a few minutes of playing - click at the group of the balls of one color with your stylus and it will pop, the more balls this group contains the more points you get.

Huzza Puzza 1.31   10-Jun-05   English   674 KB

Huzza Puzza has multiple modes; they are Puzzle, Puzzle Random and Logic. Puzzle mode has 50 various levels, having passed one you reach another. All levels take their turn. Puzzle Random has the same different levels but you play them randomly. As for the Logic mode, do not let the balls reach the top of the playing board. You can play this mode endlessly, if you have a lot of patience and luck. New rows of balls can appear bellow or above. There are a lot of different bonuses - bombs, which make your game more fun and addictive. This game is shareware. You can download and play it two weeks free. If you like Huzza Puzza - buy it and get such nice features as: * 50 levels in Puzzle and Puzzle Random mode; * The nag-screen will not disturb you any more; * Free technical support by email; * Free game updates.

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  • Requirements: Windows CE, Pocket PC