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Drag and drop text from any OLE application

Drag and drop text from IE & Natscape into one easy to manage area - Windows Shareware $19.95. Acid Drop is an easy way of drag-dropping text from applications into one easy to manage area. Simply highlight any text string, then drag that string into any OLE-enabled document. You can compress text snippets using the LZH compression format or protect your text strings with Blowfish encryption. Acid Drop also acts as a clipboard monitor, storing copied text snippets and making those clips accessible via a simple log.

Acid Drop 1.3   31-Jan-03   English   1.2 MB

Just highlight the text snippet you want to paste into an application, then utilize the usual CTL-V hotkey combination to paste the text. URLs embedded in your text are automatically detected and highlighted. Acid Drop supports the RTF2 text format, images, and OLE objects. Minimize the program to the Windows system tray to keep it handy while you work. Here are some key features of Acid Drop: +Support Drag and Drop plain text and RTF from other application. +Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator support ( Acid Drop grab the entire title and the URL). +SMTP Client (You can easy send e-mail from Acid Drop. ) +Structural storage of all files in one. With use LZH compression. +Protection by the password with use of encrypted with blowfish. +Auto URL detects and highlights. +Images and OLE objects support. +Minimized to system tray. +Full support RTF2 text format.

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