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Remember and fill web-forms in a single mouse click

Small but still powerfull tool for keeping all your passwords in one place - Windows Shareware $24.95. The program will remember form items you fill on a webpage, so next time they will be filled in automatically. No need to fill in web-forms more than one time! Download and try it for FREE.

IE Keeper 1.3.4   23-Nov-07   English   49 KB

Form Webform Remember Boost Fill Type. Print Small Still Powerfull Tool Keeping Passwords Place Single Mouse Click.   IE Keeper
  • Shareware Download from IE Form Keeper
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: Internet Explorer web form remember and fill option added.
  • Requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher is required for keeping form items (text, textarea, select, checkbox and radio) on a webpage.