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Cut up your files and glue them back together

File to large? Cut it up - Move it - then glue it back together somewhere else - Windows Shareware $9.95. File Cutter is a great program for cutting up those large files that are difficult, if not impossible to move otherwise. It neatly cuts files into a determined number of sections for easy transfer via floppy, or over the internet.

File Cutter 1.0   2-Apr-04   English   423 KB

It then seamlessy reassembles them again. All with the click of a few simple buttons. Download it today, and see how quick and easy file cutter is to use. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Transfer Glue Large. Move Back Together Somewhere.   File Cutter
  • Shareware Download from Jared Ricks
  • Screenshot
  • Win95, Win98, WinXP, Win2000
  • Expires after 5 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: none
  • Requirements: .Net framework