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Web Based Network Performance Management

Finally, a cost effective web based Fault Mgmt. & Performance Mgmt. application - Windows Shareware $1975. Orion NPM enables network engineers to not only monitor availability and utilization, but also to view SLA Reports. SolarWinds.Net Orion NPM combines live fault management network maps with a very robust Web-based bandwidth performance graphing engine. Orion NPM monitors and alerts on availability, bandwidth, CPU performance, disk space usage and memory utilization for network devices. This is a software solution with no remote hardware or software agents required. Orion NPM is scalable and can manage 10 or 10,000-plus nodes.

Orion Network Performance 7.8.5   11-Mar-06   English   143.7 MB

The Web-based Orion NPM sends an alert to a phone or pager the moment a network performance issue occurs. Like all SolarWinds.Net networking tools, Orion NPM installs in minutes and allows network engineers to begin viewing results in less than an hour. Orion NPMs Network Maps allow users to graphically view the status of the network. The report writer produces detailed weekly and monthly availability reports. Orion NPM utilizes SNMP and ICMP and does not require installation of any additional hardware or software agents on the network. The customizable fault management alerting capability of Orion NPM will give organizations the piece of mind knowing network engineers will be the first to be alerted of a network outage or performance issue. View a live demo of Orion at Since Orion NPM is Web-based, network engineers, managers and customers can all have immediate access to the current status of the network. Organizations have the power to customize each user's (or customer's) log-in to allow them to only view only "their piece" of the network. Orion NPM is very powerful, very customizable, very reasonably priced and still very easy to use.

Bandwidth Utilization SLA Reporting Fault Management. Alert Web SNMP Unix Sun Finally Cost Effective Based Mgmt Application.   Orion Network Performance Monitor
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expires after 30 program starts
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  • Requirements: Pentium 4, 20 MB HDD, 512MB RAM, IIS