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Bulk website monitoring software

Bulk website monitoring software for business - Windows Shareware $18.95. The Ambisight Website Monitor application is a Windows based piece of software which can be used to determine if multiple websites are online at any one time. Whereas most website monitoring applications monitor a single Internet URL this piece of software can be used to check hundreds all at the same time to ensure that they are online. Simply paste or enter in the list of Internet Addresses you would like to monitor and press the "Check Domain" button.

Ambisight Bulk Website 1.1.02   13-Aug-07   English   24.0 MB

The software will check all the urls specified and if any of them are unavailable they will be flagged as unavailable and be shown in the report at the end of the process. The Ambisight Bulk Website Monitor also includes the following functionality Email alert: A list of all the websites which are offline are emailed to a specified email address Save website list: Save the list of website addresses for use at a later date Save history: Powerful reporting functionality including Export to Excel and PDF Windows Scheduling integration: Automatically specify the url list you would like to load at runtime. Great for automatic scheduling. Auto close: Specify if you would like the software to automatically close after checking the websites and sending alerts. Fast: A true multithreaded application able to check hundreds of websites in under thirty seconds.

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