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Sniff network web, e-mail and MSN Messenger

Monitor (sniff) network users web, e-mail and MSN Messenger activities real-time - Windows Shareware $248. Nexeye will measure and display the total traffic from your LAN to internet and from internet to your network. With the statistical information provided by this function, the user is provided valuable information of how effectively and efficiently the network is utilised. With this information the band-with of the network can be planned and optimised. The statistical information can be organised and displayed by hours of the day, days of the week or by months.

Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise 1.8   19-May-08   English   25.5 MB

Web connections from the LAN to the internet can be monitored real-time by each individual user. nexeye can be pre-configured to monitor and log specific types of url/mime, whereby only critical web connections may be monitored. This monitoring is performed independent of the program that has initiated the connection. All in and outgoing e-mails are recorded in EML format on the disk and can be viewed with a standard e-mail programme such as Outlook Express. Here are some key features of "Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise": Monitor network activities Monitor network users web, e-mail and MSN Messenger activities on a real-time basis with nexeye Monitoring. Monitor network utilisation Monitor on a real-time basis the network traffic from/to the Internet as well as the traffic generated by the individual users. Analyse and report the network data Analyse the logged data and create professional reports with the report templates. Transform the huge amount of network information to reports that make sense.

Sniffer Analyzer Protocol Packet Capture Diagnose Security Network Extractor Password. Mail Pop3 Smtp Ftp Http Intranet Tcp Ip Udp 2000 Xp Users Web MSN Messenger Activities Real Time.   Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise
  • Shareware Download from Ekrem ORAL
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expires after 15 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: - Switched to MySQL embedded database. - Analysis console enhanced. - Reporting feature added. - Visual SQL builder added. - User selection utility bugs fixed (Q 211). -- e-mail viewer tracer utility added. - database converter added. - Export wizard can export resultset to Access (.mdb), XML, PDF..
  • Requirements: Network Adapter