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Super Fast e-mail List Manager

The Cyber List Manager is the fastest filter program on the net guaranteed - Windows Shareware $25.99. The Cyber List Manager manages mailing lists fast and effectively and is the fastest filter program currently on the net to date. To manage mailing lists on a standard PC, in excess of 300 million, is a snap with all the facilities provided. Some of the facilities provided are the list merge program, list splitter and the list removal tool. Free Stuff : Included in the professional version is an absolutely clean fresh 10 million bulk mailing list bonus pack. These mailing lists are updated on a regular basis.This list has been carefully compiled to give you an even worldwide spread and contains no rubbish addresses or duplications and is not in any way duplicated with any of the other lists on this site.

Cyber List Manager 7.0.2006   20-Apr-06   English   3.4 MB

At the time of the extraction all the names were tested to be valid. As you know people move continuously and you might find the odd few that are no longer valid at the time of purchase. In general, the bulk of this list contain very good addresses and you should get a very good response from it. We have tested many lists from different vendors claiming that their lists are clean. Running these lists thru' this package has proved that their claims were merely a marketing hype. If you have to filter tens of millions of e-mail addresses, you will find that there are no programs on the net that can effectively handle such a large volume of data, unless you have a super computer or servers that can run night and day !! To filter 10 million e-mail addresses, using a Pentium IV computer with 3 Gigabyte of internal memory, took us approximately 12 minutes. This entails removing bad e-mails and duplications. Software from our competitors took between 1 hour and 2 hours to filter one million names, let alone 10 million !! Some programs reported out of memory when halfway thru' the filter process. We have filtered 300 e-mail addresses, using the facilities of the Cyber List Manager, in only 36 hours. Now that is a record !!

Mail Filter Merger Extractor. Mailing Bulk Managing Fastest Program Guaranteed Super.   Cyber List Manager
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  • Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • Requirements: Pentium IV with 1 Gigabyte memory