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Products Generator EMS - Ecommerce E-commerce

Products Generator - EMS E-commerce Management System - Ecommerce essential - Windows Shareware $68.95. Products Generator EMS is our new patent applied for E-commerce Management System that has so far powered over 136,000 commission-earning products, worth over 2.2 million dollars on to and it can do the same for any website. Products Generator EMS is a total solution for the generation, management and display of commission-earning products from major vendors like Amazon.

Products Generator 1.11   29-Jun-04   English   2.2 MB

com. FEATURES Input - Products Generator requires only two things to get to work A keyword list A keyword list could be a list of cars, a list of footballers, a list of movies etc. Sample lists are supplied with the program Your Unique Affiliate ID Your Unique Affiliate ID is supplied by the vendor i.e. when you register as an affiliate This will be inserted into every retrieved commission-earning product to guarantee commission payments.

EMS Ecommerce. Management System Essential.   Products Generator
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