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Powerful 3D & 2D profi - icon/cursor editor

Powerful 3D and 2D editor, create professional looking Vista or XP style icons - Windows Shareware $17. The icon and cursor creation has never been so effective. This product gives you ability to produce modern icons. It is a combination of powerful 3D and 2D Editor. Using this tool you can make high quality and multi-format icons compatible with Windows Vista or WinXP. Today are many modern icons like 3D models. TIS 3D gives you ability to create your own modern 3D models in fully integrated 3D Editor that contains many basic and dynamics objects and tools. In case that integrated 3D editor can't produce what you need, you can import 3D Models from various professional 3D products(such as 3ds, obj, lwo and almost 20 other formats).

Tiger Icon Studio 3D 1.0.2   23-Apr-07   English   1.7 MB

Add material with texture to them, set-up lights and send the antialiased result directly to 2D Editor with or without alpha channel as a layer to do additional improvements in integrated 2D Editor. Everything in high resolution to keep the process of creation as user friendly as possible. Of course there is a real-time 2D preview in icon size. 2D Editor is an object-oriented editor based on Layer architecture. Everything in TIS 3D is object-oriented. This is a BIG PLUS in comparsion with other software products designed for icon creation because you can change everything - anytime. This makes the creation process user friendly and saves you time. 2D Editor supports standart shapes like lines, ellipses, polygons, rectangles, pen tool, bitmap layers etc. Each shape has many own properties like bitmap filling,opacity, transparency of borders etc. Everything is antialiased. You can also extract the icon from EXE file or import Photoshop (PSD) or any other of almost 20 supported file formats Or you can just load a high resolution picture and smoothly stretch it to icon size. These features combined together give you really powerful tool. If you need tool for creating your own modern icons, TIS 3D is a good choice. The advantage is that you are not limited to create only the icons using this tool but can also use it as Image Editor.

Cursor Modern Icns Xp Vista. Powerful 2D Editor Create Professional Looking Style.   Tiger Icon Studio 3D
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