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Password Protect Your Web Pages Easily

Password Protect Your Website Pages Quickly and Easily - Windows Shareware $24.95. Password Protect Your Website Pages Quickly and Easily. No CGI bin. No MySQL. No PHP. Four Login Styles. Customize your login area to match your Website theme . Preview while you work. Create any number of password protected web pages. Encrypt the code instantly if you wish. Customize background colors and images, borders, button, and caption, to fit your Website theme and layout. A flyout tip can appear when the pointer is placed over the button.

Oven Fresh Password Maker 3.9.5   17-May-08   English   5.5 MB

A status bar message can appear when the pointer is placed over the login area. Passwords can be generated automatically or you can enter your own passwords. Save your users list to disk for easy re-use without having to remake your favorite login area all over again. Add usernames and passwords within seconds. Easily find users for quick editing. Send all users to one web page or send them to different web pages. When users enter invalid usernames or passwords you can warn them with a custom alert message or redirect them to another web page if you want.You can elect to hide the location of a web page from the user's Address Bar by masking it. You can elect to link to a web page, Website, image, or email program. You can open the linked document in an IFrame (parent, self. or top) or you can open the document in a named IFrame. You can open a document in a named Frame of a Frameset. You can also open a linked document in a new window. So it's extremely easy to open a linked document anywhere on a Website, depending on your needs.

Protection Web Pages Members Restricted. Login Website Generator IFrame Frameset Secure Quickly Easily.   Oven Fresh Password Maker
  • Shareware Download from The Oven Fresh Web Design Team
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  • Win2000, WinXP, WinVista
  • Expiration: Code is not viewable in Trial Version.
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: New Features: Open linked documet in new window, Iframe, named Frame, or named Frame. New design. Code update. Additional size units. Additional fonts. Button height. Bigger preview area.
  • Requirements: Pentium Processor - 64MB ram - 5.8MB Hard Space