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Converts wiki format text files to HTML

WebBuild allows content providers an easy way to maintain and setup a website - Multi-OS Shareware $13. WebBuild is a simple Java application to support the maintenance of websites. It's aim is to separate the tasks of providing the content (pages and words) from the site design (how it looks). Separating the content provision from the site design has the following advantages: - Content provision is much simplified (text files in wiki format) - Content providers do not change the site design - either accidently or deliberatly.

WebBuild 1.1   6-Oct-06   English   1.9 MB

- Site designers can be confident of the permissable elements within the content - Site design can be done once and left. - All pages across the site have a consistent look and feel - A change to the site design will perculate to all pages with ease Content is so simple the only tool you need to create it is a text editor. The navigation structure for the site is derived from the filenames of the text files and the names of the folders that contain them. Re-structuring the site navigation is as simple as moving and re-naming folders and files.

Wiki Convert HTML Design Content Managenment. Allows Providers Easy Way Maintain Setup Website Format Text Files.   WebBuild
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