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Advanced TAPI Dialer

Advanced TAPI Dialer with Caller ID, ODBC address books and plugins - Windows Shareware $19. Dialpro is a TAPI Dialer with advanced address book features. The software can control your TAPI device and interacts with it to search customer or contact informations in the address books you configured. If your existing database can be accessed via ODBC they can be searched by Dialpro.

DialPRO 1.00   20-Mar-03   English   2.3 MB

LDAP address book management is planned in the near future. It is easy to setup a configuration that searches the customer database when a call arrives at your device to show a call info window that informs you who is calling. It is also simple to add a personalization specifically developed for your company to open your own software when a call is received (contact our customer support for more on this) using the plugin features.

Caller ID Tapi Dialer. Odbc Address Books Phone Telephone Advanced Plugins.   DialPRO
  • Shareware Download from Andrea Vettori
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  • Win95/Win98/WinME/winNT/Win2000/WinXP
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  • Requirements: TAPI compliant device (modem, phone, PBX, ...)