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Web gallery design tool

Web gallery making software with well designed layouts and color schemes - Windows Shareware $19.90. Make you web photo album in a minute with aid of new web gallery making software. Select your pictures, choose gallery layout then follow the web deploying wizard and your new photo album becomes available to your friends. Every time you modify your gallery you can view on screen how the gallery will look when it is displayed in a web browser. Several well designed layouts and visual styles included to save your time. The idea of this program came to author's mind when his child wanted to show pictures she draws in MS paint.

PictureNook 1.0   20-Jan-07   English   532 KB

She wanted to show her new painting immediately! Even if her dad was at work, busy with programming of complex business applications. So, the overall task was to allow seven years old child to use the program for - add her pictures ("I draw new one, here it is") - change appearance ("I don't like this color, let it be that") - share it with her dad ("Look at my new picture") And mission was a success. So, then we state that program is so easy to use that seven-years old child can use it, you can believe it. Easy outside, smarty inside. WYSIWYG interface, FTP uploader, images rotating/resizing, web navigation - program do the best to free user from unnecessary details. Picturenook provides graphical user interface there almost everything can be done with single mouse click and, possibly, some typing (after all, pictures should have names!). Packed with professionally designed sets of layouts and color schemes it is a must-have tool for everybody who wants quickly and easily present pictures on the web... in style.

Create Web Photo Gallery Digital. Album Publish Images Making Designed Layouts Color Schemes Tool.   PictureNook
  • Shareware Download from PictureNook Author
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: WYSIWYG interface FTP uploader images rotating/resizing smart web navigation
  • Requirements: 10 GB HDD, 128 MB RAM