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Email2DB - The Email Parser & Auto Responder

Email2DB parses email messages and extracts field data to update databases - Windows Shareware $199. Email2DB is an email parser and auto responder. It parses email messages and extracts field data to update back end databases and to send auto-response emails and SMS text messages. Email2DB is ideal for any form-based emails such as orders, payments and web site feedback forms etc. Email2DB can read emails from POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers plus directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003 folders.

Email2DB 1.9.294   30-Aug-07   English   16.9 MB

It also has a built-in mail server allowing emails to be sent directly to it. Email2DB can update any data source available on your PC, including: SQL Server, MySQL, Access plus any ODBC compliant database. Email2DB can also run additional actions in response to emails including: - Run custom reports and save reports to PDF, HTML, RTF, TIF and Excel files. - Save attachments to specific folders. - Send multiple custom emails to any addresses extracted from the original. - Send multiple custom SMS text messages. - Send multiple custom fax messages. - Send scheduled email follow up messages on pre-defined dates in the future. - Update Outlook 2003 Contact records. - Post data to a web page. - Run custom actions using the built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting language. The Email2DB Server runs as a service on your PC and does not interfere with the normal email flow.

Parser Database Auto Responder. Processor Server Messages Extracts Field Update.   Email2DB
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