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Mailinfo - Keep track of your outgoing emails

Mailinfo helps you make sure your outgoing emails were received and not blocked - Windows Shareware $49.90. Mailinfo helps you make sure your outgoing emails are not blocked as spam, particularly with the flood of spam and virus threats, which have degraded email as a communication tool. You don't have to worry if the emails you sent were received - If they got it you know it! You'll know when an email has been received with Mailinfos real time alerts.

Mailinfo 3.0   10-May-06   English   1.7 MB

When an email you sent is viewed you receive an alert as it happens. With Mailinfo you also receive a daily reminder to follow up on emails you sent which haven't been confirmed by Mailinfo or emails that appear to be lost. Another feature of Mailinfo is the Mailinfo Report which includes all the times and locations in which your email was opened. Your emails remain private. The content of your emails remains between you and the recipients. Emails are not redirected and they don't go through our servers, and we do not have access to them. Know the "impact" of your emails by seeing when and where your email is viewed and much more. A fully functional 30 days trial is available to download so that you can try out Mailinfo.

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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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