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Mail Manager 1.0 handles email delivery safe

Mail Manager 1.0 effectively controls all steps in email delivery - Windows Shareware $89.99. Mail Manager 1.0 does exactly what it was made for.It delivers your email fast and securely,and uses its own built-in SMTP server to deliver messages directly to your customers inbox. It uses multi-threading,meaning you can send mail using multiple connections at the same time.Mail Manager 1.0 has a full-featured message editor.It supports text and HTML formats including attachments.

Mail Manager 1.00   7-Apr-07   English   3.1 MB

With Mail Manager 1.0,you can control the entire mailing process. It features a subscription manager,which accepts mailing lists generated in Excel,Access,DBF,Word as well as ASCII text files. Edit recipient lists,import email adresses and remove bounces with ease. Mail Manager offers: - Fast delivery. - Powerful,built-in message editor. - Secured delivery. - Subscription manager. - Traced delivery. Mail Manager 1.0 features a free online email link tracker service for traced delivery.See who read your messages,to determine who took the action you required from your customers from within your email.Make your email campaigns work for you! Make use of this offer today to start sending out your email safely and securely with Mail Manager 1.0.Currently available at a cost of $89.99,making it a 'best value' bulk email software utility.

Marketing Bulk Sender Mass Mailer. Utility Effectively Controls Steps Delivery Handles Safe.   Mail Manager
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