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Map viewer Software

CompeGPS Pocket is an essential software to make the most of your GPS - Pocket pc Shareware $105. CompeGPS Pocket Air is a new software specially designed for Pocket PC mobile devices, with wich you can obtain a new and revolutionary free flight instrument. You will enjoy most of the CompeGPS PC version functions, like the waypoint and routes creation and edition, full GPS and Pocket PC communication, use of digital maps and moving map (real time navigation), to obtain the most of your flights. Which Pocket PC can work with CompeGPS Pocket Air? CompeGPS Pocket Land has been specially designed for PDA with Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 operative system. It is not compatible with PALM OS.

CompeGPS Pocket Air 2.3   25-Oct-05   Multilingual   5.2 MB

What can we do with Pocket Air? CompeGPS Pocket Air allows full communication between GPS and PDA (tracks, waypoints and routes), waypoint and routes creation, use of digital maps an real time navigation. MAPS and 3D LANDSCAPES*. CompeGPS Pocket Air allows the use of their own CompeGPS maps (included in the CD-ROM version), as well as the use of digital maps from the user (topgraphic maps, photo-satellits). It also allows to open 3D landscapes (*.CDEM) to calculate the pilot altitude over the land, as well as the waypoints and routes height. *Pocket PC devices don't allow 3D visualisation. WAYPOINTS AND ROUTES. From CompeGPS Pocket Air you can easily work with waypoints and route above any openned map. GPS and PDA full communication, so easy and fast data transmission. REAL TIME NAVIGATION (MOVING MAP). Connecting any compatible GPS you will convert your Pocket PC to one of the most advanced GPS. You will have, as well as the conventional GPS functions, a lot of new features and datas. You can navigate to a waypoint or through a route. You can active a sound alarm that will let you know when you reach the waypoint radium. An altitude graph can be shown when you activate a route. All the moving maps information panel fields are 100% configurable; audible and visual alarms can be programmed for the maximum and minimum readings of any field.

Map Essential. Viewer.   CompeGPS Pocket Air
  • Shareware Download from Ivan Twose
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  • Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003
  • Expires after 30 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: OS Pocket PC 2002,Pocket PC 2003