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Recover damaged messages in Outlook Express

Recover mail from damaged folders and dbx files in Outlook Express - Windows Shareware $24. When you restore files after deletion or hard disk failure, after the data was lost from the flash drive or as a result of incorrect system functioning, files of folders containing Outlook Expres messages can be damaged. The work with such folders becomes much slower, and Outlook Expres does not display most of the messages. But don't give way to despair, you can save some of your data! Even if most of it is damaged, and Outlook Expres shows that there are no messages in the folder, you can still restore many of them. Some messages can be restored completely, and some can be restored partially.

Mail Recovery for Outlook 1.0   4-Aug-05   English   677 KB

Even partially recovered information can often be enough to understand what the message was about or to find important contacts. How to restore messages from damaged folders in Outlook Expres? It can be done with the program "Mail Recovery for Outlook Express" in just a few steps (every time you run the program, you'll be able to restore messages with one click of the mouse!). 1. Download and install "Mail Recovery for Outlook Express" 2. Run the program by clicking "Start->Programs->Software Fix->Mail Recovery for Outlook Express" 3. Select the file or the folders you want to search for deleted messages (you can select all folders as well) 4. Click the "Run Now..." button to find and restore deleted messages. The program will scan the specified folders and try to find and recover messages. If the option for restoring the folder structure is enabled, new folders will be created and restored messages will be saved to them. Do not use the folder you want to restore messages from for storing restored messages. Program Features # Restoring messages from all or selected folders, from .dbx files # Saving restored messages into a mail folder # Saving restored messages in text .eml files in the RFC822 format # Saving restored messages taking into account the folder structure # Restoring messages created within a certain time period

Oe Inbox Repair Message. Restore Deleted Damaged Folders Dbx Files.   Mail Recovery for Outlook Express
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, Win2003
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