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Total Order Management for BVCommerce

QuikSlip complete order management system for BVCommerce 2004 by BVSoftware - Windows Shareware $299.99. quikSlip is the answer to order management for BVCommerce 2004 by BVSoftware. Easily manage orders with batch processing of order status, payment status, shipping details, and address modifications. Track fulfillment with the advanced internal notes system and integrate directly with all shipping carriers with the universal CSV export of order data.

quikSlip for BVCommerce 2004 1.7.2   24-Oct-07   English   6.6 MB

Print high-quality PDF reports such as invoices, packing slips, address labels, drop ship, etc. Barcoded invoices and packing slips for accurate package tracking. Automatic e-mail status notifications of any status changes as well as simple batch management of orders such as deletion, and shipping notifications.

Invoice Packing Merchant Shopping. Cart Storefront Complete Order Management System Total.   quikSlip for BVCommerce 2004
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