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Ebay rss feed with affiliate link

Ebay rss feed with affiliate link. This script plugs in to your existing site - Multi-OS Shareware $49. The Easy Niche Store Script is a PHP script that PLUGS IN to your existing (PHP based) website or existing Ecommerce site to allow you to display Ebay products via RSS.

Easy Niche Store Script 1   27-Mar-07   English   40 KB

The advantages of being able to do this are: You can add an instant Niche store to your website or existing ecommerce site to 'boost' your product offerings You can make money through ebay through referrals. The Ebay affiliate code (from Commission Junction) is embedded in all the links You can build an entire Niche shop site with dynamic links through to ebay products

Build Ebay Rss Site Zen. Cart Module Php Feed Affiliate Link Plugs Existing.   Easy Niche Store Script
  • Shareware Download from Easy Niche Store
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  • Win2003, Linux
  • Install Only
  • New Release
  • Requirements: PHP Server