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Creates 3D page flipping photo albums

FlipAlbum organizes digital images into realistic 3D page-flipping picture album - Windows Shareware $159.95. FlipAlbum 6.0 Pro lets you create and sell 3D page-flipping digital albums on CDs that run on both Mac and Pc. Publish photo albums, product catalogs, scrapbooks, and newsletters online or on CDs for commercial distribution. Protect your copyright materials with image encryption, print lock, watermarks, CD expiration, and password access to CD. It features multiple photos and texts per page. Add music (MP3) and play video on any album page. Create multiple albums per CD. It also features enhanced shading on Pentium 4 PCs and multipage rapid flipping.

FlipAlbum Pro 6.0   29-Mar-06   English   16.9 MB

Hold pages and compare album pages. It also includes translucent annotations and built-in themes and borders. You can buy more themes and borders; search text annotations; add 3D and drop-shadow effects and crop images. There are enhanced bookmarks and playback on most DVD players. DVD players must support the VideoCD and CD-RW formats. Print whole album or some pages. Print photos on 4R/8R sizes or Avery labels. It works with the CD Shopping Cart Plug-in. New features include : * Export Album to MPEG-2 Format - Export albums to the higher-quality MPEG-2 video format used in Super VCDs or DVDs. * Fonts Embedding - Fonts used in the album will be embedded in the AlbumCD so recipients will not need to have the same fonts installed on their computer. * Layout Template - Select from different templates when opening a folder of images, and choose layout, annotation and effects options. * Customization of Table of Contents - Font face, size, color, style and indentation in the Table of Contents can now be customized. * GIF Format - Animated GIF format now supported. * Add Crop Shape - Add your own crop shapes, in addition to the default shapes provided.

Photograph Digital Jpg Image Presentation Bmp. Gif Jpeg Thumbnail Editor Online Organizes Realistic 3D Flipping Picture Creates.   FlipAlbum Pro
  • Shareware Download from E-Book Systems, Inc.
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  • Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
  • Expires after 30 program starts
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  • Requirements: PC Pentium 300Mhz, 128MB RAM, 100MB Hard Disk, 800x600 display, 16 bit color.