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RMCA Pro is MIDI auto-accompaniment stickware

RMCA Pro is a high quality MIDI auto-accompaniment software. Runs from stick - Windows Shareware $55. RMCA Pro is an auto-accompaniment software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. It comes with chord recognition, based auto arranger, style creator, Lead Sheet editor, recording section, up to 16 fingered and 10 two-finger chord types, MIDI-Import/Export, about 30 demo styles and much more.

Portable RMCA Pro 4.2.4   3-Jun-07   English   891 KB

A unique feature of RMCA Pro is its ability to create an accompaniment style from virtually any MIDI input (MIDI file or live music). Take RMCA Pro with you on your USB Stick or any other portable media; runs from stick. Installs itself in one directory tree.

USB Stick Stickware MIDI Midifile Music. Realtime Arranger Styles Virtual Keyboard High Quality Auto Accompaniment Runs.   Portable RMCA Pro
  • Shareware Download from Michael Brick
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
  • Install Only
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: RMCA Pro now available as stickware
  • Requirements: sound card