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Composes 12-tone serial music

Composes 12-tone serial music, plays or saves as MIDI file - Windows Shareware $14.95. Serial Music Composer version 1.00 is a program for algorithmic music composition. The basis of the program is the twelve-tone serial composition technique developed by Arnold Schoenberg and others.

Serial Music Composer 1.00   16-Jul-04   English   609 KB

The program provides several options via a standard Windows graphical user interface. Compositions may be played immediately from the program using the computer's MIDI output player or saved to a MIDI file. Up to sixteen MIDI channels are available. Channels include fifteen tonal instrument channels and one percussion channel. Each tonal instrument channel can be set to play any of the General MIDI instruments.

Composition MIDI Schoenberg Webern. Twelve Tone 12 Plays Saves File.   Serial Music Composer
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  • Changes since the last release: This is version 1.00.