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SDK and activeX to have voice conference

Vax VoIP SDK is the best way to add Voice Conference in your apps and webpages - Windows Shareware $499. VAX VoIP SDK (Software Development Kit) is the easiest way to add PC-To-PC Voice Conference & Text Conference over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) feature into your applications and Web pages. VOICE CONFERENCING : It is a very important feature of the Vax VoIP SDK. Using this feature, three or more people can have a real-time voice conversation.Such feature is introduced and based upon Real Time Voice Mixing, that's why, during voice conferencing, you will feel like all of you are sitting in a single conference room and having a conversation.

Vax VoIP SDK 2.0   18-Oct-04   English   1.1 MB

VOICE CONVERSATION RECORDING: It is another very important feature of the VaxVoIP component. Using this feature, during the conversation or conferencing, you will be able to record the conversation into wave (.wav) file for later play back. MICROSOFT AUTHENTICODE CERTIFICATE: The VaxVoIP component is signed by Microsoft Authenticode Certificate. So you don't need to purchase any Code Sign Certificate before using VaxVoIP activeX or VaxVoIP client-side downloadable controls. TEXT CONFERENCE: You can send or receive text messages or can have text conference during the Voice conference. GSM 6.10 BASED VOICE COMPRESSION: The VaxVoIP component uses the GSM 6.10 voice compression codec; thereby reducing the required data rate to as low as 1.6Kbytes/Second for a single voice session. NO YEARLY/MONTHLY FEE: You don't have to pay any yearly or monthly fee. ROYALTY FREE LICENSING: With VaxVoIP component's Royalty-free licensing, you are free to use VaxVoIP license with as many as copies of your product, without paying us any fee.

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