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Professional image processing library (ocx)

Image processing OCX control with over 150 methods. Supports popular formats - Windows Shareware $75. PixTwix is an image processing library. Designed to work with standard components such as PictureBox or TImage, it features over 150 methods. Our main design goals were flexibility, power and ease of use. With only a few lines of code PixTwix can add following functions to your application: antialiasing, box, radial and tangential blurs, low pass, resampling and softening filters, eroded, faded, or irregular border, framing, painting on canvas, copying entire image or selection to clipboard, pasting clipboard content as new image or into existing image, masked copy and paste operations, color reduction by thresholding or dithering, grayscale conversion, posterization, color replacement and filling, color gradient, threshold, embossing in user-defined direction, image encryption and decryption, intensity range compression, flipping, reflecting, reversing, colorizing, tinting, brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation adjustment, color counting, file checksum calculation, histogram functions, cropping, auto-cropping, resizing, selection masking, intensity range extraction, color clamping (red eye removal), channel mixing or swapping, RGB adjustment, perspective adjustments, skewing, loss-less and lossy rotation with and without clipping, point, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, intensity range and magic wand selection, edge enhancement, high pass and sharpening filters, layer blending, blur, brightness, saturation and contrast gradients, user defined convolution filters, logical operations, minimum and maximum filters, rectangular and concentric mosaics, column and row shearing, sepia toning, solarization, Laplace, Sobel and other special filters, twisting, twirling, scrambling, tiling, range of special effects such as oil painting, blobs, fish eye, explode, wind, unlimited levels of file based undo.

PixTwix 6.03   21-Mar-06   English   1.1 MB

Using included FreeImage library PixTwix supports many popular image file formats such as BMP, GIF, IFF, JNG, JPG, LBM, MNG, PBM, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF, WBMP, and more.

Image Processing Selection Irregular Contiguous Region Magic Wand Rotation Color Channel Mixing Red Eye Effect Clamping Convolution Laplace Sobel Prewitt Encryption Concatenation. Checksum Histogram Blur Sharpen Soften Edge Enhancement Drop Shadow Border Frame Low Pass High Logical Operation Pixel Clipboard Mask Skew Perspective Correction Replacement False Palette Reverse Reflect Blend Colorize Sepia Grayscale Conversion Texture Brightness Contrast Dithered Bias Emboss Antialias Resize Resample Auto.   PixTwix
  • Shareware Download from Eric Sevillo
  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
  • Expiration: Demo version watermarks processed images.
  • No Install Support
  • New Release
  • Requirements: Development environment supporting ActiveX