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Properties in C++: widget.color = "red"

Library for properties in C++ like widget.color = "red"; to change widget color - Shareware $45. Template library for properties in C++ like this: widget.color = "red"; to change widget color. In class Widget use: prop::Property color; Supports binding properties together so that the values of several properties of different objects will be automatically synchronized to hold the same value. This library has its own signals (that is Observer Pattern from object oriented methodology) implementation or can be co-worked with the existing signal system.

libpropc++ (for C++) 1.0   18-Sep-04   English   508 KB

Supports binding properties with a transformation by a functor (e.g. with a C++ function). You can connect properties of different types with optional transformation. Additionally has classes for easy adding properties to object on-the-fly: property(obj, &Class::set, &Class::get). This library is 100% efficient, that is using it does not decrease efficiency compared with direct coding in C++. The library has good API documentation. In short: simplify your work, decrease development time with any kinds of C++ projects, especially GUI projectys. Price includes lifetime free updates. See article

Properties Template Library Foundational Libsigc Signal. Programming OO Object Oriented GUI Methodology Widget Color Red Change.   libpropc++ (for C++)
  • Shareware Download from Victor Porton
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  • Beta
  • Changes since the last release: Binding properties together etc.
  • Requirements: Standard C++