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Internet Mail Client ActiveX Control Library

Email OCX - SMTP (RFC 821), POP3 (RFC 1725) and MIME (RFC 1341) objects - Windows Shareware $79.95. The Internet Mail Client Control Library is a suite of ActiveX/COM objects providing SMTP (RFC 821), POP3 (RFC 1725) and MIME (RFC 1341) support for application developers. The library is suitable for use in Visual Basic, C++, Delphi and scripting languages such as ASP, VBScript/JScript and VBA.

CSMail Developer Edition   1-Jul-03   English   1.9 MB

Support for SOCKS 4 and 5 proxies is built into the SMTP and POP3 objects together with support for standard SMTP and POP3 proxies. ESMTP authentication is supported in the SMTP object. The Message Object Model provides a simplified, but flexible, implementation of the MIME standard including support for multipart MIME messages and the standard encoding mechanisms. A COM interop assembly is included for .NET developers.

Smtp Pop Mime RFC 821 1725 822 1341 2183 Activex. Control Visual Basic Components Ocx Access Vbscript Automation Object Ole Vbx Asp Server Page Socks Proxy Firewall Client Library.   CSMail Developer Edition
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