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Create thumbnails from your images

It's never been easier to create thumbnails from your images - Windows Shareware $58.79. It's never been easier to create thumbnails from, or just resize, your images thanks to this great component. We can certainly identify with those developers who have had to offer thumbnail displays of images on a website and have had to create libraries of tiny images - and then keep them up to date. ThumbnailCreator will resize and re-render your image depending on your settings and will even save them to disk for you.

ThumbnailCreator 1.02   1-Nov-06   English   1.7 MB

Of course it will also provide the Image object of the resized image. Great for converting images from one format to another. As a suggestion, and this will depend on your needs, when you need a thumbnail, it would be expensive on server resources to generate the thumbnail every time. So why not generate it the first time only and save it to a special Thumbnail directory? Then if it doesn't exist in that directory, generate it or just use the one you made before. No more need to keep track of your thumbnails as the code will do that for you using a simple file existence check and ThumbnailCreator. It can be used from Windows Forms as it has a user interface, and from ASP.Net applications. Of course the size to generate any image to is fully customisable.

SoloComponents Visual Studio 2003. Development Image Resize Watermark Easier.   ThumbnailCreator
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  • Win98, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
  • Expires after 30 program starts
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  • Requirements: Visual Studio .Net 2003/2005,Windows XP Pro