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Enterprise multi-threaded Java SSH server

Maverick SSHD is an enterprise level multi-threaded Java SSH server - Java Shareware $2830. The Maverick SSHD is an enterprise level multi-threaded Java SSH server. The product is compatible with Java 1.4 or later and uses the Java NIO framework for maximum server performance. SSH2 only is supported due to vulnerabilities in the earlier SSH1 protocol. Features Include: - Cross platform, 100% Java based component - Supports JDK 1.4.2_05 and above - SSH2 support only, for maximum security - Supports SSH2 protocol only for maximum security - SFTP & SCP file transfer protocols supported - Scalable implementation based upon the Java NIO framework - Reduce overheads by controlling your server's threading requirements - Local and remote port forwarding fully supported - Password authentication - Public-key authentication - Blowfish/3DES encryption ciphers - Optional Twofish, AES & CAST ciphers (Requires additional configuration) - SHA1/MD5 Message Authentication Codes (MACs) - HTTP, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxy support - ZLIB Compression - NativeAuthenticationProvider interface allows customization of the login process - Abstract SessionChannel class allows customization of the shell and command execution - NativeFileSystemProvider interface to customize file access - Built in VirtualFileSystem provides platform independent NativeFileSystemProvider implementation - VirtualFileSystem allows mounts to be defined by mapping virtual directories to physical folders

Maverick SSHD 1.2.13   3-Oct-06   English   1.8 MB

Java SFTP Secure Server. NIO Enterprise Level Multi Threaded.   Maverick SSHD
  • Shareware Download from 3SP Ltd
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  • Java
  • Expires after 21 program starts
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  • Requirements: Suitable Java environment.