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Compress and Optimize JPEG's additional 30%

Recompress and Optimize JPEG by an average of 30% without loss in image quality - Multi-OS Shareware $470. The technology that lies behind Infima Jpeg Optimization allows Infima to recompress JPEG files by an average of 30% without causing any addition loss in image quality. Infima Jpeg Optimization SDK introduces a new method for preprocessing and optimizing JPEG images before they are compressed without causing any loss in image quality which allows Infima to recompress JPEG files by an average of 30%.

Infima Jpeg Optimization SDK 1.3   10-Sep-06   English   2.8 MB

Using Infima Jpeg Optimization SDK it is now possible to store full quality images within a file size that is equivalent to a high quality Image. The new technology enables consumers and businesses to compress JPEGs and increase storage and bandwidth efficiency in a wide variety of portable multi-media devices such as wireless handsets, cameras, and PDAs. Whether on the Desktop, in an Enterprise environment, or on the go, Infima Jpeg Compression SDK provides an important new tool for those looking to reduce storage and bandwidth costs. Key Features: Up to 20% compression to JPEG file Bit2Bit; Up to 30% compression to JPEG file without lossing quality (not bit-to-bit); Ability to define Jpeg quality (Using lossy optimization methods); Compression rate 1.4 Mb per sec on dual core; Totally lossless Jpeg compression; CRC guarantees reversibility.

Compress Wavelet Lossless PNG PGM. Package Development Library Average 30 Without Image Quality Additional.   Infima Jpeg Optimization SDK
  • Shareware Download from Avi Cohen
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  • Win 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP, Linux
  • Expires after 14 program starts
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  • Changes since the last release: Compression improvements