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CSUpload is a powerful ASP.NET Controls suite

CSUpload control package is a powerful ASP.NET 2.0 File Upload controls toolset - Windows Shareware $129. Overview : CSUpload control package is a powerful ASP.NET 2.0 File Upload control, the package contains CSUpload and CSUploadProgressPanel controls to empower your web application with strong files uploading features. CSUpload is a powerful file uploading control with many advanced features. CSUpload also have a highly efficient HttpModule, which provides scalable file upload handling functions. With CSUpload's HttpModule, you can easily include the huge file upload feature (the file size can be up to 2GB) to your web application.

CSUpload Controls Package 1.0   29-Sep-06   Multilingual   5.0 MB

CSUpload's HttpModule will consume minimum amount of server memory while starting file uploads. This can avoid many web site maintenance issues with file uploading applications. If your web site is so important to you, you should consider it. CSUploadProgressPanel is another ASP.NET control in CSUpload solution package. With CSUploadProgressPanel, you can easily implement the file uploading progress functions in your web applications. You just simply add this control to your application, it will show the progress of your file uploading action. You also can configure the style (skin, language..) of CSUploadProgressPanel, just simply edit some CSUploadProgressPanel properties, without any code implementation. Features : * Highly efficient web file uploading module, provides huge file uploading capacity. * File type and file size validation on server. * Full customizable user interface. * Powerful file re-naming feature. * Existing file post action. * File compression feature. * SQL Server database integration. * Other advanced features....

ASP File Ajax HttpModule Framework. Visual Studio 2005 Web Component Powerful Toolset Suite.   CSUpload Controls Package
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  • Requirements: Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.x or above. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above.