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.NET component for PSD file processing

.NET component for PSD file processing (extract raster and text layers, etc) - Windows Shareware $379. Additional module for Graphics Mill for .NET intended for PSD file processing. Features: - Read raster layers (bitmap, name, dimensions, position, visibility, etc) - Read text layers (raster representation, text string, font settings, color, region size, etc) - Get number of layers; - Get pre-rendered preview of the PSD file (with all layers merged); - Work with PSD files created in all Photoshop versions since 7 (including CS2). - A number of code samples, including a business card editing Web application. Whenever you create an application which generates personalized graphics, edit printing production, you encounter a challenge - how to store templates for that graphics.

Aurigma Advanced PSD Add-on 3.5   25-Feb-06   English   12.0 MB

As usual some custom format is developed for this purpose. But as usual a person who designs these templates cannot use it directly. Designers use some industry-standard application such as Adobe Photoshop etc. Hence you face a problem of converting between files your designer creates and your custom template format. Advanced PSD Add-on allows to eliminate this repetitive and costly step. Your designers can create templates in Adobe Photoshop and then your application can use these files directly. It allows to avoid maintaining a custom template format and evolving technicians into work of designers. Combining features of Advanced PSD Add-on and Graphics Mill for .NET you can a powerful pre-print processing tool which enables: - Scan PSD file with raster and text layers. - Merge all frames into one image (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc). - When merging, replace text or images, e.g. by loading it from database or localization resources. - Create multiple versions of image for different viewing environments (e.g. hi-res for printing, lo-res for web preview, or even specially optimized for mobile devices). - Provide CMYK RGB conversion with color management (using ICC profiles). - Manipulate most wide-spread layer settings, such as text font, color, position, size, etc.

Layers Template Processing Business Card. Editor Personalized Graphics Image Component ASP File Extract Raster.   Aurigma Advanced PSD Add-on
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  • Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1/2.0